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Where & When

The first tee time is at noon. We'll have the lineups as we get closer so everyone will know where they sit in the batting order. However, please plan to be there by 11:30 at the latest. Range balls are included, so you can fill any downtime at the range, on the putting green or at the bar.

Registration will be in the clubhouse.

If you are staying for the Casino Night event, things will get started at 6pm.

The address for Olde Scotland Links is:

695 Pine St
Bridgewater, MA 02324
(508) 279-3344


Prizes: Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive

Golf Carts: Golf carts are included in the entry fee

Range Balls: Range balls are included in the entry fee, please see Bob or Matt for tokens to the ball machine

Dress Code: Please adhere to the OSL dress code


NOTE: Groups and tee times are not final yet.

Team Bob


Team Matt

Bob Kowalewski1812:0325* Matt Kowalewski
David Hill 20 18*Bobby Mcmillan
Nick Bacon 12 12:12 12Dan Jacobs
Mo Ahmed 12 Scott Scoville
Bob Drew 24 12:2130*Brian Jaspon
Mike Dunphy 21*  30*Kevin Kavanaugh
Bob Allen  2012:3017 Frank Kimball
Paul Lavache  30 16 Tony Caliri
Tom Kokoliadis 24*12:3910 Josh MacCreery
Ed Warzybok 18 9Gino Beniamino

* Player's handicap was calculated using the Callaway System



Four-Ball Match Play. A match in which two players play their better ball against the better ball of two other players. This is a handicap tournament, so strokes will be adjusted for each hole based on each competitor’s handicap. The team with the better score wins each hole or the hole is halved. The team with the most holes won after completing 18 holes wins the match

Rules of Play: The 2012-2015 USGA Rules of Golf are in effect as supplemented by any local rules on the Easton Country Club score card. The club pro will rule on any challenges from the competitors.

Pace of Play: Please make an effort to keep up with the group in front of you. This is a match play competition, so both members of a team do not need to hole out. Hitting a provisional ball is encouraged if a shot may be out of bounds or lost outside a water hazard. For shots which are lost in a water hazard drop appropriately with one stroke penalty.

Tees: Men will play from the White Tees, Women will play from the Red Tees.



Some people have official USGA handicaps and others do not. As a result, we will be calculating any needed handicaps using the Callaway System. This approach raised some concerns last year. So, the committee (me & Bob) will sit down and review all numbers prior to communicating the calculations. Don't worry - this process will be VERY transparent.

So, please send Matt either your current USGA handicap, your most recent score cards or both. If you have an official handicap and still want me to calculate your handicap using the Callaway System, I'm happy to do so. Link to description of the Callaway System:

Entry Fees

Entry Fees

We would appreciate if you would use one of the methods below to pay your entry fees in advance.

  • $125/golfer - includes dinner and the Casino Night event
  • $160/golfer - includes an extra ticket to the Casino Night event (for your significant other, friends, random people off the street)

You have copious options for paying your entry fees...

Option #1: pay here on the website (click HERE). The actual checkout is handled securely by PayPal. No need to put your trust in the site I built 🙂

Option #2: Go directly to PayPal using the link below. Simply send us a donation for the amount.

Link directly to PayPal:

Option #3: Send a check to:

3 Patriot Circle
East Bridgewater, MA 02333

Option #4: Make arrangements to meet up with either Bob or Matt to hand them a check or cash.

Option #5: Call me and give me your CC over the phone.